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SFB 1535 MibiNet "Microbial networking – from organelles to cross-kingdom communities"

In nature, microorganisms interact and communicate with one another, exchanging nutrients and information, an active process we call "networking".

MibiNet aims to understand microbial networking in its full complexity to explain how organelles evolve and how the microbiome functions.

Prof. Dr. Wolf B. Frommer elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Wolf B. Frommer, Alexander von Humboldt Professor at HHU and Head of the Institute of Molecular Physiology, has been elected as a new member of the highly prestigious National Academy of Sciences (NAS), USA.

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Successful Girls' Day 2024

On April 25, we welcomed eleven dedicated girls to Girls' Day at the Institute of Microbiology. This years' focus was on the exciting topic of "Fungi as a chemical factory", where the participants learned how complex chemical compounds can be synthesized in fungi.

The girls could explore the laboratory and get a taste of a researcher's everyday life. Through experiments, they could see how laboratory fungi are kept and propagated and take a closer look at some species under the microscope.

The girls' enthusiasm and inquisitiveness were truly inspiring. Their keen interest in chemical processes and the insightful questions they posed underscored the significant role of events like Girls' Day in fostering a passion for natural sciences among young women, potentially shaping their future career paths.

We would like to thank all participants and contributors for making this day a success, particularly Dr. Kerstin Schipper, who, with her commitment, inspired the girls to pursue science.

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Prof. Dr. Michael Feldbrügge
+49 211 81-15475

Universitätsstr. 1 Gebäude: 26.24
Etage/Raum: 01.076

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Prof. Dr. Julia Frunzke
49 2461 61-5430

Wilhelm-Johnen-Straße Gebäude: 15.4
Etage/Raum: 239

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Dr. Lilli Bismar
+49 211 81-15869

Gebäude: 26.24
Etage/Raum: 01.072

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Carola Leitsch
+49 211 81-14720

Upcoming dates

13.  |  Steering Committee Meeting

14.-16.  |  MibiNext Workshop

21.  |  PI-Meeting

29.  |  MibiNeⓍt Seminar

06. |  Guest Lecture

          Prof. Dr. Dirk Görlich

12.  |  Guest Lecture

            Prof. Dr. Orkun Soyer

26.  |  MibiNeⓍt Seminar

04.  |  Mercator Fellow

            Prof. Dr. Scott Peck

25.-27.  |  Retreat II

18.  |  MibiNeⓍt Seminar

13.  |  MibiNeⓍt Seminar

27.  |  Guest Lecture

           Prof. Dr. Kirsten Küsel


11.  |  MibiNeⓍt Seminar