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Mentoring Program

„From Mentee to Mentor”

What does mentoring mean in our program?

"From Mentee to Mentor" is a tailor-made mentoring program for postdoctoral researchers and doctoral researchers for professional orientation and career counseling in CRC 1535. The goal of the program is to provide mentees with targeted and individualized support on their career development by establishing contacts with alumni now working in academia, industry, or science management.

The counseling takes place in selected tandems, each consisting of a mentee and a mentor, and is designed to run for approximately one to two years in several sessions. The tandem is a trustful relationship that can be individually designed regarding content and time.

Goals of the Mentoring Program: 

  • Identifying the competencies and skills of the mentees.
  • Elaboration of the specific interests, goals, and knowledge/skills of the Mentee.
  • Advice on career development and strategies to achieve the goals.
  • Identification of career interest of the mentee (academia, industry of science management).
  • Expansion of the professional network.

Mentoring enables you as a mentor to:

  • expand your consulting skills
  • broaden your horizons through a cross-generational exchange of experience
  • promote young talent
  • expand the networks




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