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MibiNeⓍt - Integrated Research Training Group

The Integrated Research Training Group MibiNeⓍt offers targeted and interdisciplinary high-quality training for the next generation of microbiologists.

The goal of the tailored 4-year training program is to provide early career scientists (including PhD students and postdocs) an ideal platform  to develop academically and personally. MibiNeⓍt will empower the early career scientists of this program to successfully perform their projects at the interface between disciplines and support the start of their career beyond MibiNet.


Photo of
  • Prof. Dr. Ilka Maria Axmann
  • +49 211 81-10361

  • Institute of Synthetic Biology
    Universitätsstr. 1

  • Building: 22.07.00
  • Floor/Room: 047
Photo of
  • Prof. Dr. Julia Frunzke
  • +49 2461/61-5430

  • Institute of Bacterial Networks and Interactions
    Forschungzentrum Jülich

  • Building: 15.4
  • Floor/Room: 239
Photo of
  • Dr. Lilli Bismar
  • +49 211 81-15869

  • Heinrich-Heine Universität
    Universitätsstr. 1

  • Building: 26.24.01
  • Floor/Room: 072
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